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Fyne Packaging was established in 1992 by a husband and wife team who prior to setting up their own company had been involved for many years within the corrugated and machinery industry. With such knowledge behind them they decided that it would be an exciting challenge to set up their own business that manufacturing box making machines and at the same time set up a sheet plant using their own machinery to make short run boxes.

The first machines that they manufactured were the Hawk and the Harrier, together these make simple low cost short run box making systems. These were produced with a small companies in mind together with anybody who wanted to get a foot hold in the boxmaking industry.

Due to the success of companies using the Fyne Packaging system, the demand for a faster machine was inevetable. The Vulcan was designed to complement the existing machines and help forward the growth in the companies using the system.
Fyne Packaging are firm believers in keeping the building and designing of their machines in house. Fyne machines are extremely robust, and are constructed by their own, in-house engineers to the highest specification.

Over the years Fyne Packaging has grown and the company has seen many developments and changes. The latest development is the Lancaster, to add to the range of machinery. As well as manufacturing the machines, Fyne Packaging have a very healthy sheet plant which supplies local companies with short run made to measure boxes, all made in-house and on 'Fyne' machines.


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